Safety first

Safe and environmentally friendly test operations are the responsibility of the test operators.

Find resources on relevant regulations and legislation to ensure the safety of people, animals, and the environment during testing.


Note: We can not take responsibility for deficiencies in this overview and encourage all operators to ensure that you at any time follow the current regulations and safety measures.

Testing maritime transport technology

Norwegian Maritime Administration supervises maritime operations, and most rules contain mechanisms for testing new technology or so-called alternative designs, and provides minimum requirements for technical, operational and organisational safety. The legislative requirements are based on international rules and standards established by the IMO, EMSA, standardisation bodies and recognised classification societies.

Examples of new technology which the NMA has been involved in assessing and approving include propulsion machineries and fuels, such as batteries, methanol, hydrogen and ammonia. Other examples are the use of more autonomy and projects moving in the direction of unmanned or autonomous vessels. Individual pieces of equipment may also be included in this definition, such as new navigation, rescue or communication equipment or new work equipment on board.

Testing aquacultural operations

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority supervises the aquaculture industry according to regulations for the areas of fish health and fish welfare. Measures against fish diseases form the basis for this work. An important aim of the supervision and monitoring work is to prevent the introduction and spread of fish diseases. The disease leads to a poorer state of health for the fish and a negative impact on the welfare of the fish. Early detection and effective control measures can reduce costs in the event of the spread of disease and the possible use of antibiotics. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority also prepares control plans, instructions, and guides as a tool for the aquaculture industry.