Start testing

Follow the steps below to find the equipment you need, and the competence you thrive on to start testing safely.

Get equipped 

Getting the right equipment and competence are crucial to your innovation process. In our list of entrepreneurs, R&D institutions, and SMEs, you can scroll through some of Norway's most innovative technologies and practical equipment for rent.

Find location

Both onshore and offshore, you will find suitable maritime facilities and partners who can assist and guide your test process.

Be safe

Any test operations must follow current regulations and adequate risk assessment. Every operator is responsible for staying up-to-date on current legislation related to their activity. Testination cannot take responsibility for the individual operator's compliance with the applicable legislation or any deficiencies in the overview on this website.


It is not always easy to keep track of locations, regulations, and resources necessary to conduct a satisfactory test process. We can coordinate on your behalf, whether you plan to be onsite during testing or need assistance to conduct remote testing.

Partners and funding

Innovation doesn't happen in a vacuum. No one holds the key alone, but a whole new market can be unlocked with the right partners and funding. Find your peers and map out your journey from there.