Subsea Testcenter at Dora II

The submarine base from WW2, Dora II, is ideally suited for testing subsea solutions, scale testing of fish farming cages, offshore subsea operations, and ROV training.  

Photo of the dry dock

OceanTech Subsea Test Center offers full-scale testing of your subsea challenges. The Subsea Test Center includes a dry dock facility to enable the testing of equipment in both dry and wet conditions. The dry dock is equipped with a large pump capacity and may be waterfilled or emptied at the night.

Subsea Testcenter facilities include: 

  • Dry/Wet Dock: 120m x 20m x 16m (LxWxH)
  • Mantling areas and crane capacity 21 MTON
  • Dock accessible from lifting Wessel
  • Warderobe, offices and canteen